About Us

ALCOPLA is manufactured by our parent company, Xxentria Technology Materials Company. Over the last decade, ALCOPLA has become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of metal composite material, inspiring a variety of applications and designs. With over 20 years experience, ALCOPLA materials prove to be innovative, long-lasting, and durable.

ALCOPLA materials are manufactured in Taiwan and distributed worldwide. We use state-of-the-art technology and process all coating and lamination in the same facilities. Most importantly, quality control is tightly maintained; ALCOPLA is only produced at the highest standard. We continually invest in specialized finishes and materials to provide unique surfaces and finishes.

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our methods of operation, ALCOPLA is an accredited ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and publicly-traded company.

For more information, please also visit www.xxentria-tech.com

about us