Pre-Fabricated Materials

Delivered ready-to-install on site.
Easy. Fast. Cost-effective.

ALCOPLA offers prefabricated material from a variety of local contractors. These panels can be prefabricated into easy-to-install kits, then shipped to your site, or prefabricated and installed with a local contractor. We will find the best solution to meet your needs from start to finish.
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Pre Fabricated Materials


Any size, any shape.

Buildings and structures come in all shapes and sizes. We offer custom sizing and fabrication to make sure ALCOPLA products fit your structures just right. You may purchase panels in bulk and fabricate locally with your own or one of our contractors. Or, you may order pre-cut panels prior to shipment.
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Products that meet your designs.

Composite Panels, Coils & Sheets, and BiMetal can all be bent easily into different shapes and designs. All ALCOPLA products can be manipulated with angles, curves, waves, and more. Contact us to find out how we can incorporate ALCOPLA into your designs.

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